Purecontrol Ultra Boost

Ace 16+ Purecontrol Ultra Boost

Adidas revolutionized their soccer boot game back in January when they released their first laceless boot, the Ace 16+ PureControl. The Ace 16+ PureControl had great success doing the EM, where profiles like Paul Pogba and Gareth Bale were wearing them. which of cause made fans all around the world want to rock them too, and Adidas has now made that possible. Adidas has taken the Ace 16+ PureControl removed the football sole and replaced with an Ultra Boost sole instead.

If you have ever wondered how a crossover between a NMD City Sock and an Ultra Boost would look, Adidas just gave you the answer.

The new silhouette from Adidas is known as the Ace 16+ PureControl Ultra Boost and comes in a crazy solar yellow and a much more down to earth black color way.

Where to buy the Ace 16+ Purecontrol Ultra Boost

The Ace 16+ PureControl Ultra Boost is avalable online at Adidas and Unisport, more retailers will join in soon.

Purecontrol Ultra Boost Purecontrol Ultra BoostPurecontrol Ultra Boost Purecontrol Ultra Boost