Nike Sneakerboots

This page is the best overview of all the Nike Sneakerboots releasing in 2016 – they can all be ordered in Nike Store and a range of other retailers.

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Upcoming Nike Sneakerboots

Nike Sneakerboots Already Released

About Nike Sneakerboots

In 2013 Nike startet taking classic sneaker silhouettes and transforming them into footwear suitable for the colder months of the year. The result is the line of Nike Sneakerboots.

In short the Sneakerboots are classic sneakers upgraded to fight elements like water and ice. Giving you a warm and dry sneaker suitable for late autumn and winter.

We’re big fans of the Nike Sneakerboots – giving us the opportunity to adapt to the season  still wear sneakers and not kill our favourites in the rain and snow.

Check out the range of sneakerboots in Nike Store today! Winter is coming!