Diadora N9000 Flag Pack USA

Diadora N9000 Flag Pack USA – This is the American contribution to the Diadora ‘Flag Pack’.

The silhouette is the awesome N9000 from Diadora and the colorway is held in Red, White and Blue with both stars and Stripes to honour the American flag.

Whether it’s taggy or really cool is up to you – I think it’s both, but personally I’m more fan of the Italian version of the Diadora N9000. Go check it out for yourself.

Where to buy the Diadora N9000 Flag Pack USA?

The Diadora N9000 Flag Pack USA is releasing on 8 April.

Find retailers in the stocklist to your right or just below the pictures if you’re on a mobile device.

Diadora N9000

Diadora N9000 Flag Pack USA